Mnemonic Devices

The word mnemonic (pronounced nee.MON.ik) is used (1) as a noun meaning a device, such as a formula or rhyme, that helps a person remember something or (2) as an adjective meaning aiding memory.

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Moons of Jupiter
Moons of Neptune
Moons of Saturn
Sentences to Remember the Order of the Planets
Sentences to Remember the Size of the Planets
Stellar Classification
Waxing or Waning Moon?

Airplane Airworthy?
Basic instruments and equipment VFR flight
Checklist for Takeoffs
First Successful Wright Brothers' Flight
Instruments for IFR flight?
Potential Evacuation of a Commercial Flight
Pre-landing Checks
The Four C's for Emergencies in Flight
Useful Aviation Mnemonics

Biological Groupings
Bloom's Taxonomy levels
Common Attributes of Living Things
Coral Snake or King Snake?
Sequence of Life Forms
The 4 Stages of Mitosis
The Krebs Cycle
What are the 6 Stages of Fertilization?
What are the four amine bases in the DNA structure?

Cations and Anions
Diatomic Molecules
Dicarboxilic Acids
Elements necessary for agriculture
Hydrogen Bonds
Oxidation and Reduction (electrodes)
Oxidation and Reduction (electrons)
Sentences to remember the elements

Etre instead of Avoir
Livre means Book

Order of the suits in bridge
Poker: Sequence of Winning Hands
Snooker: Order of Balls

ABC and SSS the Dutch Antilles?
Longitude or Latitude?
Major Land Biomes
The 5 Oceans
The 7 Continents
The countries of Central America?
The seven hills of Rome
To remember the longest rivers in order of their length
Tropics in Northern and Southern Hemisphere?
USA: The Great Lakes
What is the Height of Mt. Fujiyama?

Eras of Life
Mineral Hardness
Stalactites and Stalagmites
State Equation for Soil Formation

Akkusativ Prpositionen
Grammar Song: Dativ Prpositionen
Leiter means Ladder

Bill of Rights
British rank order below Kings and Queens
Columbus Discovers America
Greek Philosophers
How is the figure 543210 important to Finns?
Kings and Queens of England
MAIN causes of world war I
Remember the ill fated wives of Henry VIII
Roman Emperors
Secession of the Confederate States of America
The 7 Wonders of the World
The American Presidents
The Heads on Mount Rushmore
The Original 13 USA-States
The Royal Families of England

Be Smart!?
Cascading Style Sheets
IEEE 802 LAN Standard Numbers
Important Keystroke Sequence in Linux
Networknames translation to IP-adresses
PC Cards
Sentences for testing the Telex or Keyboard
Sentences to remember the OSI-layers

Contractual items to satisfy the Statute Of Frauds
Requirements for a contract
Terms that should be stated in a Contract

Ablative Case
Irregular adjectives having the genitive singular ending in "-ius"
Romance Languages

Listen: Lost art of hearing and understanding
Mastering the Textbook - Chapter by Chapter

Constant e = 2.718281828459045
Dividing Fractions
Factoring a Trinomial with a Lead Coefficient
How to multiply two binomials together?
Metric System
Order of Calculations in Math
Remembering the methods of finding averages
Sentence to remember Roman Numerals
Sentences to remember Pi
Several Mnemonics for Equation Solving
Sine? Cosine? Tangent?
Solving absolute value inequalities
The Rule of Nines - Multiplication
The steps for long division

ABC before CPR!
Cranial Bones
Evaluation of a patient's functional status and home environment
Excretory Organs of the Body
Facial Bones
Functions of Blood
Path of Incoming Air
Sentences to remember the Carpal Bones
Ten Essential Amino Acids
The order of nerves that pass through the superior orbital tissue in the skull
To remember the Cranial Nerves
What are the causes of cell death?
Wrist: radial side vs. ulnar side

Ceilidh Dancing
Elements of design
Eye Direction and Lying
How many yards are in a mile?
How to construct arguments for debating
How to make the Bowline Knot?
How to make the Square Knot?
How to tie your shoe
Insect Stings
Japanese vowels
Keeping track of all seven dwarfs
Mnemonic to Remember Names
Olympic Rings
Poison Ivy
Setting up the Table
Steps in Firing a Rifle
The Rule for Shooting
Uphill parking
What are the US Departments?
What to do when Lost?

Checklist for Auditions
How to remember the four voices in a quartet?
Remember the Notes

Conversion of magnetic to true heading
Directions of the Compass
Emergency Communication
Indicated Airspeed to True Airspeed

Current Leads or Lags Voltage in Reactive Circuits
Energy Transferred
Left and Right Hand Rules
Losses in a Transformer
Maxwell Relations
Ohm's Law
Order of Colors of Resistors
Parts of an Atom
Television colour bars
Voltage Formula?
Wavelenght of Light?
What is the Speed of Light?

New Testament Order Helps
Paul's Letters
Remembering Biblical Dates
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven congregations of Asia Minor in Revelation
The Days Set Apart for Rest
The Disciples
The Five Pillars of Islam
The Four Gospels
The Old Testament Bible
The Plagues of Egypt
What is the Number of Books in the Bible?

Shipping Traffic Rules
Starboard or Port?

Mnemonic devices for detecting HIV Risks

Gente means People

Spelling and Grammar
Argument or Arguement?
Faithfully or Sincerely
How to spell Arithmetic?
How to spell Diarrhoea?
How to spell Necessary?
How to spell the word Mnemonics?
I before E
Poem: Parts of speech
Principal or Principle?
Proper pronunciation of Newfoundland
There or Their?
What is a Coordinating Conjunction?
What is a Preposition?

The order of the 8 main letters around the perimeter of a dressage

Days in the Month
Days of the Week
Sentence to remember the months
Summertime - Wintertime
The Four Seasons
The four cycles of a four stroke engine
Zodiac Signs

Caribbean hurricane season rhyme
Colors of the Rainbow
The Weather (Red Sky)

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